Introduction: How to sell Ucommerce

It is important even essential that we all present Ucommerce in the same way: end-customers, partners, new colleagues – you name it. They all deserve to get one story – the right story!

I'm not here to teach you how to do presentations for that I'm simply not the right person. We also have to respect that no two presenters are the same. You have you always and I have mine.

Also, no two audiences are the same. A one-to-one with a client, our colleague is quite different from addressing a crowd of 250 at a conference. But no matter who, why and where the messages must be the same.

  • Find the official messages in the speaker's notes for each slide
  • Don't just repeat them as a paired
  • Read them
  • Understand them
  • Make them your own
  • Then tell them your way
  • that's the way they become convincing
  • But be loyal to the messages

In a minute my colleague will run through the presentation slide by slide and try to convey them as he would do at least in one of the many magical scenarios.

Sit back and enjoy


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