Training FAQ

What is the cost per training and how can I pay?

All self-paced training courses available via Ucommerce Academy are free of charge 🙌🏻

Do you offer onsite training?

If you're interested in getting your team educated, we do onsite training as well. We'll be happy to adjust it to your needs. If you want more information about the onsite training, please get in touch with our Sales Department.

Certification FAQ

Why should I become Ucommerce certified?

The Ucommerce certification establishes you as a competent, knowledgeable and skilled professional in the e-commerce field. A differentiator against the competition, this certification will give you the tools to draw upon when needed and will get your foot in the door in this new area.

How much does it cost to become certified?

Sales Professional Certification: Free
Developer Certification: Price may vary depending on the level of partner agreement.


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